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His whole name is Izark-Keya-Dagi, 19 years old. Free warrior, but the real identity is “Ghost from Heaven”, has power to destroy everything.


One of main female characters in the story. 17-years-old senior high school student, but in Izark's world, her true identity is “Waken.”


Her name is Kaya-Eilu-Bikas, 53 years old, has a twin sister looks excatly like her. Warrior of “Gray Bird" Clan. An old friend of Izark. Expert of sword fighting.


Full name is Agolu-Dina-Ofa, 31 years old. Gina’s father, was a spy of Lachif, but left him and joined Izark’s group, became one of partners of Izark's group.


7-year-old blind fortune teller, Agolu's daughter, kind of knows Izark and Noriko’s secrets.


25 years old, could not get along with Izark when he first met Izark, but became one of members in Izark’s group later. He looks very serious and aggressive, but actually, he is a very kind and gentleman.


Same Gray Bird clan as Kaya, works for Minister Gida. Later became friend with Izark and Noriko group.

Minister Gida

Panamu's boss. Escape from his country because the enemy set the trap. He's a very good man and always thinks about his country's future.

Minister Gida's wife - Nina.

She's wife of Minister Gida, lives with her daughter and bodyguard. Later met Izark, Noriko and Towlos in the village they were staying at. Very cheerful and optimistic woman.


She's daughter of Minister Gida. Because they were hiding, so, she and her mother and their bodyguard changed their names and opened a shop in a village where Izark, Noriko and Towlos were staying.


Bodyguard of Minister Gida and his family. He protects Misiser Gida's wife and his daugter since they were seperated from Minister Gida.


33 years old underground controller of “Free City-Lica”, very ambitious, wants to kill Noriko to control the world.


His whole name is Case-Licoda, 20 years old. Very sure of himself. Was the #1 fighter in the world until he met Izark. Now, he wants to kill Izark and get the #1 title. Later, he hooked up with Lachif wanted to have the power to control Izark.


Experts in animals, gimos' owner. He was working for Lachif and Daci, but later, he became friends with Izark and Noriko. Event he was a slightly retard, but he was a very nice, gentle and kind man.


Left Gimo is female, right is male. Looks very aggressive, but they were very "friendly" animals. They don't usually attack people in the story. They could make a person move very quickly if a person has 1 of gimo on the shoulder. Also their blook could shorten the distance between distances.

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