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..Other stuff I like...

Kyoko's Work

Girls: Another Kyoko's manga. It's about 3 senior high school girls' stories.

Spring: It's a short story happen around Chizami and Fujuomi and how they met in high school. (new)

Sliver: Another one about Chizami and Fujuomi in their college lives, God! I wish I have a boyfriend like him.

Stars' Rythem: It's about a most no temper of the girl's love story. (new)

Chiho Saito' Work

Angel: Angle's Tattoo, done by Chiho Saito. It's about a girl who has a wing-like mark on her back which has power to control the world. Two men from future want her. One wants to marry her, the other one wants to Kill her. Who will she give her heart to? Guess!

Prince: Prince Knight. Another One done by Chiho Saito. It's about a romance between a girl and an Arabia Prince.

Song of White: It's a love triangle between 2 guys, one is a Japanese, the orther one is a British-Indian. And what happen before the India Independent Revolution and World War II. (new)

Angel's Love: It's a love trinage between a pair of sisters and a guy. (new)

Yuki-Nakaji's Work

Boys: 5 senior hight school students living in a apartment complex, it's a story about their lives and what happen around them! (new)

Red: Done by Yuki-Nakaji. It's a story about few teenagers and lives around them. One of them happen to be a male model. Nice customs drawing.

Other's' Work

Princess: It's about a princess's advanture in Middle East and stories happen around her. (new)

Fall in Love in 7200 sec.: A love story about a ordienary hight school girl who bought a pair of glass high-heel, since then, her life changed. (new)

The Last 5 Sec.:It's about a pair of high school students (a girl and a boy) eat some candies while they are in scientist lab, their bodies change with their emotions. It's a very cute story. (new)

Gaost CAT: It's a story about a cat shows up in a girl's home unexceptly, and somethings wild start to happen since then. (new)

Prince of Mystery: It's about a Arabia Prince who's live in U.S. and people around him. His father is a Arbian, and his mother is a American, but he has blond hair and blue eyes. (new)

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