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Volume 1

"I had that dream again." .... In a normal senior high school, a few students were chatting in a classroom while having lunch. It's a beautiful place, blossom flowers, water is running in a river. Animals are moving around under blue sky. But there is something unusal because it's a another world. A girl named Noriko said: "Maybe my previous life was in that other world." After school, the girls were on their way home, the news on TV in a electric shop was broadcasting about the police catching three members of the terrorism group who set the bombs over the city and that the police were still tring to find the other places where the bombs were set...... Just when Nuriko and 3 other girls were about to turn the corner, a ball came from out of nowhere and rolled to the side of them. Noriko went and picked it up, and noticed a paper bag beside it, then, all of sudden,the bag exploded. Nuriko was blasted away by the power of the bomb. She thought it was a dream and felt something warm covering her.

In other world, people were gathering around the fortune tellers. They were yelling: It's a "waken!" It's the omen about of a "Waken" showing up in this world! Find it! Find it before anybody else does!" There was a man standing on top of the hill and watching when Nuriko fell from the sky. She landed on the bed of golden moss, with lots of huge roots of tree suround the place. After Nuriko got up, she looked around and started to panic. She called her family and her friends' names. ... all of sudden, lots of animals were running away from behind her. Nuriko turned around and saw a disgusting-like worm with fangs around its body eating an animal. After it finished eating, it looked at Noriko and moved toward her. Noriko just stood there in shock. In time, a man appeared and grabbed Nuriko away from it and killed the beast with a sword. Noriko looked up and saw a good looking young man with long dark hair, dark eyes holding her. She tried to thank him, but the young man couldn't understand the language she was speaking. He decided to take Noriko on the way out of forest and at that point, they introduced themselves. The man's name is Izark. He thought to himself very suspiciously: "This girl is a "Waken?". If she was truly a "Waken," then someday he would have to kill her!

By the sunset, they arrive at a small town, lots of soldiers were hurt during the battling about the "Waken". People were talking about the "Waken." everywhere. Few years ago, many fortune tellers were trying to find the "Waken." It would wake up the "Ghost from Heaven", but none of them could tell what the "Waken" looked like and where it was. Izark and Noriko found a hotel to stay for a night. Next day, Izark suddenly collapsed after he got up from the bed, and Noriko rush toward him, but Izark yelled at her: "Don't touch me!!!"

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