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Volume 2

Noriko was stunned, Izark looked ashamed and apologized, but she ran out of the room to get a doctor. She came back with a doctor and the doctor wanted to exam Izark. Izark refused and answered it was justs a small illness he had since he was little. After the doctor left, Noriko wanted to nurse him, but was also refused by Izark. They both went back to thier beds for the night and got much needed sleep. In the morning, Izark woke up and was surprised to see Noriko asleep on the floor besides his bed. Then he sensed something was wrong and grabbed his sword. Suddenly, a group of bandits came through the door. Izark tried to fight his best, but his body couldn't hold the strength long since he was still weak. After he grabbed Noriko and jumped out the window to the ground, he collapsed. He told Noriko to run and find a place to hide, althought Noriko could not understand what Izark was saying, but Noriko took Izark on her shoulder and carried him on her back to hide in a garage near by. The bandits were getting closer, Izark was ready for the fight when Noriko was ready to take action. Izark fought them, but also got hurt, in the end the bandits lost the fight and ran away. Afterwards, Izark and Noriko went back to the hotel which they stayed earlier, they took some rest for the rest of the day.

Next day in the morning before Noriko woke up, Izark went out and tried to find the leader of the bandits who had attacked them the other night. After Noriko got up, but couldn't find Izark, she was worried. But when she saw the Izark's personal belonging that he left behind, she knew that Izark would be back for them and was felt safe. Izark was on the way to find the head of bandits through the rock hill, then all of a sudden, he was surrounded by the same group of bandits who were using a net to catch Izark. He cut off the net with his sword and beat the hell of the bandits. When he was asking questions to the bandits, a voice called out in responds. The voice belonged to Case, who was hired by a businessman who wanted to kill Izark. The fighting started up again and Izark was winning. Just when Izark was about to kill him, Case was taken away by a magic spell and left Izark to fall from the rock hill. Luckily, Izark wasn't serious hurt and after that, he went back to town to meet Noriko and stayed in town for 2 days before leaving....

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