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Volume 3

Somewhere of floating space, a voice was saying: "In the near future, a girl will come and maybe she can hear my voice."

In another village, Noriko was running to the high platform which overviewed the roads to the other town. She was calling Izark, but couldn't see him. She thought back at the beginning: It had been more than 100 days since she came to this world. Many things have happened, but during this time, there was someone always beside her, giving her the support when she needed, his name was Izark. But she never thought this day could come when she would separate from him. During the whole time, she tried to learn the language in this world, hoping that she would talk to Izark someday. Because of this, she tried to learn very fast. One day, when both of them were traveling with a group of people, a 6 eyes of spiders-like creatures attacked them. They ran to an empty house and used "stones of scent " to defeat them. After the instance, they gathering around and talking about the unusual things happened lately since people knew that the "waken" showed up in the "Tree of Sea". Noriko heard it and asked Izark if that was the place where they first met. Suddenly he interrupted her by using his fist on the table and and yelled "Don't talk about such nonsense or you will embarrassed me." She was stunned and apologized to Izark. She thought that she must have done something wrong because no matter what she had done before, Izark never got angry.

The next day, they said thier farewells to the group and after the people were gone, Izark told Noriko never ever mention where they first met, and told her to forget the world where she came from before, and just tried to remember that she was from a small island. Finally, Izark held her and apologized about yelling at her last night then, they went on their trip. They arrived in a crowed town. In one of many stores, there was a grocery store. The owner of the store went by the name Kaya and was about in her 50s. She looked very happy to see Izark and hugged Izark; she seemed like an old friend of Izark. She invited them to stay for the night and told Izark that she would take good care of Noriko. The next day in the morning, they said the farewell, and Izark left. Noriko was crying, and tried to hold Izark's sleev and wanted him to turn his head to look at her. Izark did it after he took few more steps and was gone. Noriko held herself together and went back to the house with Kaya.

In the evening, a shadow came in the Kaya's house and grabbed Noriko and asked her who was she and what was she doing here in Kaya's house? After they clear the misunderstanding, they sat down and chat; his name was Panamu who was from the same clan as Kaya. He was a bodyguard of General Gida. General Gida had a trumped up charge by General Kaymia. Gida and his 2 sons plus Panamu escaped from Kaymia and need a temporary place to stay and decided what to do next.

But before the sunrise, Kaymia's people came to Kaya's place and attacked them. She told Noriko to hide in the underground garage, and if Kaya didn't come back, then went out and tried to find Izark herself. After told Noriko that, Kaya went back to fight. After things quieted down, Noriko went out and wondered around the street. She got picked up by few street bugs and tried to run away from them. She was rescued by a man named Agolu who was with his daughter. His money bag was stolen while he and his daughter-Gina were traveling. Noriko invited them to stay at Kaya's house and figured out what to do next for saving her from the street bugs. When they introduced themselves, Agolu was surprised, but didn't show on his face. Noriko was the one he was looking for.

Gida and his two sons and Panamu was caught during the fight and Izark was drugged and trapped when he returned to the same area by the same man's order.

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