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Volume 4

Agolu was spying on Noriko when she was working in the kitchen. He was thinking to himself that everyone wanted "Ghost from Heaven," but the "Waken" was the key to controling the creature. If Lica got the "Waken", what would they do with her? If they got the "Ghost form Heaven," what the would happen to the world? In the Lica City, there was a meeting and someone yelled "Agolu is gone?" "I knew he couldn't be trusted!" The highest lord of the group - Lord Lachif said: "Everyone, let the fortune teller - Kolin takes care Agolu, and get someone to follow another two". Everyone agreed.

At the prison, Izark was awaking. He heard someone saying: "Kaya is a warrior, so, she can take care of herself. But Noriko is a normal girl, what would happen to her if she is by herself?". Izark heard that and jumped to ask them: "What are you talking about, and what's going on? " Later, they figured out the whole story. Izark though himself if he knew it would be like this, he would never have lefted Noriko.

At Kaya's place, Agolu and Nuriko heard something from down stairs and went down to see what it was. They found Kaya has returned. Agolu and Kaya introduced themselves. While they were discussing things, Noriko thought that she heard Izark was calling to her. They saw each other's image, but it faded as Izark's concentration was interrupted by a man who was trying to get Izark's attention. The man was called Lord Nata, who wants to see Izark fight in the game, if he won, he would get 20 bags of gold. Agolu decided to join Lord Nata's game group and tried to find everyone and get them out of prison. Izark was warned by man called Balaco who tried to pick a fight with him earlier. Balaco told Izark that he would fight against 17 + 1 men together, and that he better think of someway to escape. Later, when Izark was thinking, he thought he heard Noriko was calling out to him, they were mentally connected to each other and a plan was made.

Next day, The game began. 18 men were fighting against Izark. Baloco and Agolu were in that group, but they didn't try to fight him seriously. When Izark and Baloco were pretending to fight, Baloco asked Izark why he was still here. Izark asked Baloco to do something for him, found Agolu first and tried to steal the drug that was used on him. After fighting for a while, Agolu fought with Izark and gave him the drug. At the end of the "game", there was only 1 man left standing, Izark used the drug to make everyone else numb and went on with the plan to rescue General Gida's people, then they escaped. They met Noriko, Kaya and Gina, outside of the the city.

Because they were being hunted now, the best way to get out of the city was to go through the "Foggy Forest." - once you go in, you never get out. Half way through the forest, they had to give up the horses because the horses were acting crazy. When they were arrived the middle of forest; they found a neglect village. No matter where they went, they would always come back the same village. It was like a giant loop hole. After a while, it started raining and they decided to stay in one of the empty house until they decided on what to do. Outside somewhere in the forest, there was a force getting close to them. All of sudden, Izark jumped up and yelled: "There is something coming this way." Suddenly the glass of the windows broke and long hair-like tentacles forged ahead through the window and tried to grab Noriko. Izark grabbed Noriko before it did, but a moment later, it tried again from another way, this time it succeed. Izark cut the hair which held Noriko, but in the process was caught while rescuing her. Eick couldn't even move a muscle.

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