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Volume 5

Izark told everyone tried to protect Nuriko. One part of the hair was trying to hold Izark, other part was on his way to get Noriko. All of them had to run away form it, but Noriko separated form them by stepping in the slope. Izark used the power inside of his body and broke away from the trap which the evil hair held on him. Noriko was awaken by a voice. A young man of a spirit with silver hair and violet eyes showed up in front of her. He introduced himself as a fairy of the "Tree of Foggy" in this forest. He explained how and why the evil force became in this forest. The fairy asked for Noriko's help by taking his one of branches and stick it in on the ground of an altar which was in the middle of the village. With Izark and other people's help, they broke the spell of evil force and got out of the forest.

Just whey they were passing the domain, a giant bird appeared and attacked them. It caught Izark and Noriko, but Izark helped Noriko got out of its claw. But the bird was still attacking them, so Izark threw it over the rock, and the bird fainted. Just when they thought they were safe, the rock collapsed and hit Noriko. She couldn't move, but the rock was still falling. Just when the big rock was falling on the top of Noriko, Izark caught the most giant rock and threw it over the other side. But a moment later, Izark's body started changing, there was a horn on his forehead, hands and feet became claws with long nails. Hair color changed from black to blue-gray, skin color became bright water of blue, Noriko saw the whole process, even Izark yelled at her not to look. After the transform, Izark was about to leave, but Noriko grabbed his hand and begged him to stay because she was in love with him. After telling him that, she kissed him and fainted.

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