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Volume 6

After Noriko was awake, Izark was beside her and holding her right hand, she begged Izark not to leave her and Izark promised he would stay beside her. After hearing Izark's promised, Noriko went back to sleep. Next day, Kaya and Gida's family arrived the capital city of Kuna-Sailaykuna, to visit Kaya's twin sister-Saiya.

Izark, Noriko, Agolu, Gina and Balaco stayed in an empty house of a country village near capital city to wait Nuriko's wound to heal. Then they would meet the other group at Kaya's sister's house and decide what to do next. Just the day before they planed to leave, they were attacked by a group which order by a "Mask." They failed. But the next day, the same group of people attacked them again, this time they got Noriko and cut down Izark's left arm. ..back to main page..