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Volume 7

Everyone was stunned when they saw Izark's left arm was cut. Izark yelled to everyone tried to save Noriko and not to pay any attention to him, he would be all right. Before the attackers left, one of attacker told Izark they would suck Noriko's blood gave it to the "Mask," and they would get more power from the "Mask." Then they would kill them all after that. After Izark heard that, he got furious and let go control of power inside of his body. He got back his left arm and connected it. His 2 canine tooth became longer, hands became claws, hair color changed, but the feet didn't change. The attackers took Noriko to the temple and took her in front of a pool, then a water form shape with a mask showed up. They felt the building was shaking. Noriko tried to called Izark, but no response. Half changed to ghost form Izark arrived the temple and fought the all members of attackers. During the fight, Izark changed the form more, the horn showed up on his forehead the hair and skin colors changed darker. Izark let go more of his power, and was getting out of control, half of building was collapsed, and the "Mask" decide to fight Izark itself, but lost. By now, Izark transformed completely, there was a pair of black wing on his back and hard scales covered over his body. Noriko escaped from the people who were holding her as a hostage and ran to find Izark. Noriko found Izark and ran to him; they hugged each other and Izark transformed back to the human form.

Just when they were on their way back to Saiya's house, an attractive female fortune teller named Darcy showed up. Through the conversation, Noriko knew that she is a "Waken," and Izark is a "Ghost from Heaven." Darcy wanted to catch Noriko, so she made a plan with the "Mask." The mask was fighting with Izark, and Darcy went after Noriko. At the end, Izark killed the "Mask" and went looking for Nuriko. Darcy knew that there was no chance to win Izark, so Darcy left before Izark found her. Izark found Nuriko leaned on a tree was crying. Noriko apologized to Izark that she brought him so much trouble. She didn't know that she was a "Waken" and Izark was a "Ghost from Heaven." She told Izark to leave her along and she would take care of herself and after Noriko told Izark that, she ran away from Izark. Izark chased after her and caught her. Izark told Noriko that he didn't protect her because of duty, it was because he loved her, and after finished the words, Izark kissed her. After they finished kissing, Izark begged her and told her not to leave him. Noriko promised him she would never leave him and they hugged. Both of them decided they should separate from other people and decided what to do to change their fate. After seeing Kaya and other people left, and both of them went on their way to the unknown future.

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