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Volume 8

It was morning. Noriko was walking back and forth outside of the cave which they were staying for the night, finally she decided to wake Izark up. Noriko told Izark that there was a rainbow in the sky and wanted him to get up and to take a look at it. But when they went outside, the rainbow was fading away. She apologized to Izark for waking him up for nothing. Izark told her it was alright, and then he had seen it many times before. But even a faded away rainbow which he saw today was the most beautiful one he has ever seen because he was watching with her. After Izark finished saying that, Noriko’s face was blushing like fire. Noriko took a look at Izark carefully and found out that Izark was grinning. Noriko yelled: “You did that on purpose just to laugh at me!” Izark was laughing hard, and Noriko was surprised to see Izark laughing.

In a small village, an older woman who was major worried and saying: “Tomorrow is the day for celebration, but it will fail.” Then a young man in his late twenties came in with a cane and bandage cover his right leg and said: “I’m so sorry, if I wasn’t hurt... Even though I still can be the stunt man for tomorrow.” The major said: “Don’t be ridiculous, in your condition, how are you going to take the cart from beginning to the end and be able to not only have to hold the handle on the outside of the flower cage. If you fell, you would fall straight down to the river. Do you want my daughter to become a widow?”

“I hate to become a widow.” A young woman was sitting down on stairs and tried to think. On the bottom of stairs, there were Izark and Noriko. Noriko was running a fever and Izark decided to find a store to buy some medicine. Izark told Nuriko to stay there and wait for him. After Izark was gone, Noriko was picked up by a man and the young woman who was sitting near her on the stairs tried to help Noriko, but she got hit on the face and fell down on the ground. Noriko tried to resist, and called out to Eick. Izark jumped down in front of the man from the roof and made him go away. The young woman saw how Izark defeated him and begged them to stay at her house for a while. At night, Izark agreed to do the job and dress up for celebration tomorrow.

Some time during the night, a unknown evil spell was chewing the rope. That was needed for the festival.

Next day, Izark and Noriko put on the festival customs for the celebration. To start the ceremony, Izark had to push cart on ropes form one side of the river to the other side. Noriko dressed up as a flower girl and would wait for Izark on the other side. Just when Izark was pushing the cart midway, one of the ropes broke free. The flowers in the cart were falling down to the river. Everyone was worried and said the fortune teller from the royal court was telling the truth. The god didn’t agree with Shiwalow(name of the village.) Izark used his power to make wind push the flowers and cart up. The flowers fell upon the audience. After that, a rainbow showed up in the sky. Everyone saw that and cheered: “It’s a miracle, the celebration is a success." Noriko and Izark watched this happening. Noriko told him that she felt like the rainbow was telling her everything was going to be all right.

At another place, a old evil fortune teller was answering to Lachif. “Governor Ken’s plan failed because someone came in of it, but it was hard to say for now. Lord Lachif, we found the “Waken” and the “Ghost from Haven!”

In a far distance, there was a voice saying: “Bring it to me. Bring it to me. It’s time! It ‘s time for the spirit to come back to me. Bring it to me. Bring it to me. . .”

Some one was running and calling out into the town office and asking where the major was? A man answered: “Probably in the plaza.” The man ran off to find her. Izark and Noriko were in the plaza with the mayor‘s family. Just in the middle of playing a game a man came and asked the major to return to the office right away. She excused herself and went back to the office. On the way back, she asked what was so urgent, and the man answered that a fortune teller said the killer was moving?!!!

The man and his wife invited Izark and Noriko to say and live there, but Izark refused, said they were both leaving the first thing in tomorrow morning. In other place, Kaya was with Lord Gida’s group and tried to figure out what was going on. Kaya and Gina both felt a power of darkness was moving in somewhere. In the forest which Izark and Noriko went thru with Kaya’s group, the fairy showed up on the top of the forest, and he also sensed something bad was going to happen.

In the morning when everyone was still sleeping, Izark checked his back to see there was snake-like skin on his back reflected in the mirror. Izark thought it was gone, but it was growing back.

In the basement of Lord Lachif’s quarters, Case kicked the door to open. Inside, there were lot of gimos; they were running scared when they heard the sound. Then Lachif, Darcy and the fortune teller-Kolin came into the room.

Izark was sitting on a chair and getting things ready, when suddenly, he felt something was coming, he had a bad feeling about it, Then Noriko came into the room and told him that the major told her the fortune teller in village said the killer was moving. They said it might be better to stay here for a while just to be safe. After Izark heard that, he was determined to say to Noriko: “No, we are leaving, and the sooner the better!”

In the basement, Lachif threw a gimo at the wall and used gimo’s blood to decrease the distance between them and Izark was. Tolows(the man who help Darcy to escape form Izark) was crying and begging Lord Lachif not to harm his gimos, but Lachif collected all the gimos except 2, 1 male and 1 female and told Tolows to produce more gimos for him.

The gate was opened and Case went first to challenge Izark. Izark and Noriko was riding in the country side; they were surprised when Case showed up in front of them from out of nowhere. Izark held Noriko at the safe place and told her to stay there and hide until he returned. But when Izark was fighting with Case, he found that Case had become more powerful since last time they fought. Izark had to use all his power to fight. Case took all of Izark’s attack(normal human would be dead by now), Izark was shocked to see that Case became so powerful in such a short time. While Izark and Case were fighting, Case’s face had the same eyes look and canine teeth like Izark’s. Izark was wondering what was going on? Then he thought: “Was that it, when they first fought, the huge hand showed up and took Case away! Was the hand that made Case so powerful?”

Just as they were fighting, Lachif’s men came the same way as Case came through and caught Noriko as a hostage. Noriko called out to Izark. Izark heard her and went back to try to save Noriko. But Izark was 1 step late. Lachif used Noriko to trap Izark in a big castle which was covered with light moss. The castle had some kind of power which could take Izark’s attack as well as drain his power. Noriko was taking away to the Lachif’s quarter. Noriko was begging them to let go of her. Darcy hit her on the side of her face and told Noriko that Noriko was being too noisy. Darcy told Noriko that “the man” would give the “ghost” to them. Anyone who could make the “Ghost” awaken, who could have power to control the world. Darcy also told Noriko: “We needed your power to “wake” him up, your Izark would become our hunt.” After hearing that, Noriko kicked Darcy on the stomach and begging the other men: “Take me there, take me there. I can’t fight, what would you have to lose if I’m there? Why do you want to separate us?” Tolows was still had tear in his eyes and listened what Noriko had said. Nuriko thought of the day she promised Izark, she would be with him always, no matter where and when. She wanted to be with him. That was the promised she made to him...

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