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Volume 9

Case was chasing after Izark and yelling at him, “Why are you running away from? Are you afraid of me?” Izark was thinking, “How could he become so powerful? He was different than last time they fought.” While Izark was fighting Case, his form started changing, the horn started growing on Izark’s forehead, his skin started changing into scale. Izark thought he had to leave here quickly, and tried to connect with Noriko. Izark tried to find exit of the castle, but the only exit was across from Case. In order to get out of there, Izark had to change to “Ghost from Heaven”, but needed to keep his mind clear.

In other side, Noriko was locked in a room on third floor of a big house. Even with a window opened, there was no way out. She tried to do anything, including yelling, kicking and knocking the door, but no one was paying any attention to her. Noriko tried to telepathic to Izark, but no responded from Izark.

Izark was fighting Case, but he could not beat him. Lachif was watching the fighting and said “if you kept worrying about Noriko, you wouldn't have any chance to win.” While fighting with Izark, Case used evil spell to control big tree roots to catch Izark. Suddenly, one of roots stubbed Iazrk’s abdomen, then, more roots stabbed thru Izark’s shoulders, legs, arms and his lower chest. Case was yelling “I won! I won!” Izark was bleeding painfully. At the same time, Noriko had sensed something terrible happened to Izark. Noriko was kneeling on the ground and yelling and crying Izark’s name. Then she stood up with a determined look on her face.

Izark couldn’t move a muscle, and the floor started to shake. In the room where Noriko was captured, Darcy and other people were thinking why it was so quiet suddenly, and rushed to open the door, Noriko was gone! They rushed to the window, Noriko was outside standing on the side roof of the wall. They tried to come after Noriko, but they were too far away. They decided to use Towlos’s gimos to catch Noriko. Towlos had flash back how bad these people had treated him. These people called him names and also used him when they need something to be done.

Noriko jumped, but she was too far to catch the trees, then suddenly, Tolows grabbed her and told her that he would take her to see Izark. After he finish telling her, he took Noriko flying with gimos. When Darcy and other people saw that, they were stunned! Tolows was thinking he would not be used by Lachif’s people anymore; they always looked down on him, and he would not listen to them ever.

In the castle, Case was grabbed Izark’s head and gloated. Izark was thinking “Is this it? Isn’t there any other ways? What should I do? No matter what if I released or controlled the power of “Ghost from Heaven” am I still becoming a monster? I am sorry, Noriko. I promised to protect you, but now. . .”

Half way to see Izark, Tolows and Noriko stopped for catching breaths, but Tolows was breathing hard, and all of sudden, Tolows collapsed. He wanted to get up and fly again with Noriko, but Noriko begged him not to. Noriko told Tolows that Tolows had done so much for he already, if he flew again, he would die. The only way to save his life was she went alone. Before she left, Noriko thanked Tolows and apologized to him that she had to leave Tolows there; she thanked him again, then Noriko left. Tolows was stunned that Noriko thanked him; he thought he didn’t do anything to help her. He wanted to fly with gimos, but a voice was telling him “If you fly again, you will die. . .”

Noriko was running to see Izark, then she heard Tolows’s voice calling her name. Tolows told Noriko that he could fly again, with this person’s help. Noriko turned her head and saw the fairy of the “Foggy Forest” - Ilis and with spirits of the “Foggy Forest.” They all could help her to see Izark.

Back in the fighting scene, Lachif told Case to let Izark down on the ground. Case let go of Izark who was falling down to the ground, and Noriko saw Izark falling and jumped down to catch Izark. Izark saw Noriko and his mind became clear; he broke the spell and a pair of wings showed up at the Izark’s back. Izark flew up to catch Noriko and escaped from Lachif and Case. With fairy and spirits’ help, they block down Izark and Noriko’s “chi” and sent Noriko, Izark and Tolows in some place save.

A voice was saying “There is still time. I believe he haven’t woken up. There is still time, only if she is gone. Only if she is gone. . .”

Noriko, Izark and Tolows camped in the forest during the night. Next day, Izark could walk, the wounds on his body were almost gone. Because they had no money, so they fake their names, just in case some people who might come and asking about them. Noriko became Gina; Izark became Cane, and Tolows became Baloco. Three of them tried to earn some money by working in fields in a small village. After the fight with Case, Izark was too weak to hold a bag of wheat, but he was heal after couple of days.

On the other side of coast, the evils were coming. . .

To be continued . . .

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