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Volume 10

Noriko was walking in fields and Towlos was running and trying to find Izark. It was about autumn harvest time; they decided to stay at the village to help village residents and earned some money.

Towlos found Izark and asked him, "Can you help? There's a water buffalo stuck in a drain, we need people to help to get it out." The owner wanted to get more people, but Izark said he could do it and he just lifted up the buffalo to the ground. The residents just opened their eyes and mouths big because the water buffalo was weighted 400 kg, and it was very heavy!

Izark heard Noriko was calling him, he told the people he would be back and flied away to find Noriko. Noriko was carrying Izark's lunch and wondering where Izark was, then Izark showed up and explained what happened. Izark kissed Noriko on the lips (very casually) and Noriko blushed; Izark told Noriko that he needed to go back just to make sure everything was ok, then he left. Not far away, some villages residents were watching and talking about them. The thought that Noriko was a princess and Izark was a knight to protect her, and they fell in love and couldn't be together, so they decided to elope.

Time went by, Izark, Noriko and Towlos had peaceful days for a while. The fairy and spirits make a barrier to protect Izark and Noriko, but the outside world of the village was changing. More and more six eyes monsters were increasing. People were warned not to go out during the night time. The forests were dying, not only that, the deformity plants were growing. People were getting more violent, fightings and arguments were happening everywhere. Things were getting worse.

"It looks like 'it' is getting nervous. Do you think all the those changes were caused by that "The Chief Culprit"? asked by Kaya. "In the past, it didn't want people to find out that it exists; it always worked in the dark, but now, it suddenly is coming out of light." One of people said, "Does it have anything to do with the light in the mirror when we divined?" "The lights were our friends." Gina said. "Friends?" asked by another person. "What my daughter means that the flash lights reflected in the divine mirror might be the power that could save us." said by Gina's father-Agolu. "Hey, Kaya, I can't help to think Izark and Noriko." said by Pamou. "Yeah, me too." said by Kaya.

"Eh, our stuffs and horses were still at that major of Flower City's home?!" Noriko said. The fairy said "Yes, with spirits' help, they were able to find them." Noriko told Izark about it, but Izark told Noriko that he couldn't see or hear the fairy - Iarku anymore. When they first got there, he could still see and hear the fairy, but when the time went by, he started to lose them, and today, he finally couldn't see the fairy anymore. Noriko asked fairy why it was happening. The fairy told her that their powers were getting weak, the evil power was getting stronger. He made the barrier shrink down just around them, but the enemies might found out where they were some day. After Izark heard that from Noriko, he just kept silent and said nothing.

Some where in forest around village, Izark, Noriko and Towlos were looking Gimos' babies. They were talking to find a basket and take gimo's family with then when they moved. Outside of village, 5 people were saying if they caught the targets, they would have 200 bags of gold and have nothing to worry about for rest of their lives, and then, they went straight into the village. The forest spirits saw that and rushed to warn the fairy-Iarku.

In the store, Noriko was finding the basket with Hanna(daughter of store owner); Izark was asking the Rocky who worked in the store about where they could find jobs. Then suddenly, Iarku came from nowhere and the Hanna saw Iarku and jumped, she asked what it was and who it was. But the Hanna's mother and Rocky couldn't see anything. The fairy told them that 5 people whom had evil seeds in their bodies were going straight to the store and they also said they finally found the 200 bags of gold. Both sides - Noriko and Hanna were saying at the same time "they were after us, and better not to get innocent people involve. The fact was the store owner - mother and daughter and Rocky were hiding away from bad guys, also. Finally, Rocky and Izark decided to fight the 5 people and told the girls to stay inside of store.

5 people just arrived the store when Izark and Rocky just got out. 5 men said they just wanted the mother and daughter, but both Izark and Rocky wouldn't let them. Both Izark and Rocky were fighting, but the bad guys were kept losing. So, 1 of them released his power and changed into monster form, but the power was to strong and he couldn't control it. He was begging to ask anyone to help him. Izark and other people were stunned to see this. Noriko telephonic Izark maybe the way for him to change back was like the way Izark changed back himself. Izark thought about it and yelled "Change back to yourself! Listen to yourself. Face your weakness, accept yourself!" Then suddenly, Izark remembered that Kaya told him about the Gray Bird Clan's words inherited from their ancestors. "The wisest of all creatures regress primitive." Izark then yelled, "Feel the power of "The wise of all creatures regress primitive, if you're from Gary Bird Clan, you would know the words inherited form your ancestors." The man heard that and slowly changed back to human form. Rocky asked Izark how he knew the Gray Bird Clan's words from their ancestors. Izark told him that he didn't know, just remembered that 1 of Gray Bird Clan members told him before and just guessed. When Izark heard they were members of Gray Bird Clan, it just came up to him. Izark asked the 5 men if they knew Kaya. But surprisingly, it was Rocky who answered, he heard the name from Pamou, since he was 1 of Gray Bird Clan.

Noriko heard that and asked how they know Pamou. Hanna also asked Noriko that if they knew Pamou. The 1 of bad guys told them that both mother and daughter are Minister Gida's wife and daughter, Rocky was a captain of police. Both Izark and Noriko were surprised the real identities of the store owners. The mother and daughter were surprised that Izark and Noriko had met Minister Gida before. Later, they remembered that while Mister Gida were captured in the City of Nata, they were saved by a very skillful warrior, then Izark must be the warrior that helped Minister Gida.

Noriko thought when she was staying in Kaya's store, Kaya told her that about 6 years ago, the Gray Bird Clan were getting stronger because their special natural powers, and people started to fear and expelled Gray Bird Clan. Only Minister Gida came out and trying to save them. People agreed that Gray Bird Clan could live, but they needed to break down their home town and never came back. Some of Gray Bird Clan members were againsted it, but most people agreed because they know that what they were against was the whole world of people.

The 1 who changed to a monster thought about at the time he couldn't control himself and never thought that the words from Gray Bird Clan's ancestors was that important. After 5 men left, the fairy told them the all the evil seeds in their bodies were gone.

Some where in a building, one of servant was calling, "Lord Lachif! Lord Lachif! Case came and yelled wanted to see you. Lachif came out and told Case to calm down, he would take Case to see a great place.

At the home of Mrs. Gida's, Mrs. Gida saw Iarku and said the fairy was cute! She tried to hold the fairy's hands for saving her husband and 2 sons. After they finished discussion, they concluded that it was time to move, they couldn't sit there and waiting for something to happen. Hanna invited Izark to join them with their journey. Izark thought that even they were other people chasing after them, Izark wouldn't want to get involve, but since Izark and Noriko were friends of Mr. Gida, they would be happy to help each other; but first they needed to talk to Towlos see if he agreed and gave them their answer later. Izark and Noriko were going to leave, but Rocky(Alfred) asked Izark who they were really. Noriko looked at Izark and didn't know what to answer. Izark told them he and Noriko were a Knight and a princess.

On the way thru the forest, Noriko was asking why Izark said that, what would people really believe that. But Izark said, "I can't tell them that we are the "Ghost from Haven" and "Waken", right?" Noriko was saying if Izark was really a knight, then he would need to kneel in front of Noriko, take her hand and swear to protect her until he dies, then he would kissed her hand. Noriko blushed and told Izark she was just joking. But Izark really kneeled down in front of Noriko and told Noriko, "To me, you're a princess." Noriko blushed more after she heard that.

Lachif took Case where Case and Izark fought before. Lachif told Case that Case needed to be more stronger and increased his power. They went to a cave which contained mineral of moon crystal and it was larger than normal.

Izark, Noriko, Mrs. Gida, Hanna and Alfred were riding a morgan to the next city. Gimos' kids were still too small, so they put gimos in a basket and took them with them, and the fairly was guiding them and the spirits were looking for Minister Gida's group.

In City of Lica, Lachif was surrounded by many people. They were wondering where the fortune teller Daci was. Her name took Lachif back in his childhood. He thought Daci and his mother were same type of women. Since he was small, her mom always blame him for not getting married as she wanted, and if there was no Lachif, she would have a better life, met better men. Then some day, a man came and asked his mom to have Lachif live his house because he found that Lachif is very intelligent, and he wanted to educate Lachif. Lachif's mother agreed, but in addition to that, she wanted to go and live with him. Lachif saw and heard it and made a plot. One day, Lachif pushed his mother down the stairs and she died instantly. Nobody suspected that Lachif did that, and he was smiling after he had done that.

After the meeting, Lachif went back to his room and swear some day, he wanted all the world in his hand and to be able to feel he was really alive. Then, suddenly, the first, one dark eye, then, the second eye, a nose, lips then a whole face showed up floating on the air. A voice was saying, "It will come true, any wish will come true if you follow me." Lachif was very calm with no emotion on his face when this was happening. Lachif said, " That's right, you'll make my wishes come true, and I'll help you all I can." After that, the face disappeared. He thought when people became more evil, it's power would become more powerful; the key was still on "Ghost from Heaven." Last time, let the "Waken" lived was a failer; if the girl was dead, defeated Izark and lead him to evil will be easy. Lachif though "Waken" was just an ordinary girl, but why she came and the "Ghost from Heaven" would become stronger. What kind of power did she have?

Noriko and Hanna were in a city where they decided to stay, the expenses around the city were quite expensive. They were trying to find Mrs. Gida since she was no where to be found. Alfred and Izark were taking care of their belongings in a hotel. Izark went to find Noriko when he heard the both girls went to a market and tried to find Mrs. Gida. When Izark found Noriko and Hanna, they were surround by group of uniform men. Izark asked Noriko what matter was, Noriko told Izark that they were accused looked like revolts. Izark told the men that they were just got here today, how would they be the revolts. Then a man grabbed Noriko's shoulder, and Izark got angry and sprained the man's wrist. The men were just about to fight with Izark and a man seems like their captain came and asked what matter was. The men told him that Izark's group looked like revolts, and the captain asked that if they were blind!! The the appearance and age were different, where were their brains. The captain asked the men to apologize, but the men ran away. The captain apologized to Izark and went after the men. Izark told both girls to go back to hotel and he would look for Mrs. Gida. Izark jumped on roots and looked down to find where Mrs Gida was. Izark found Mrs. Gida was sitting with an old man....

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