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Volume 11

Izark found Nina (Glorcia’s mom) and met with others; they checked in a Inn. After the discussion, they decided to open a store and got working permit pretty quick. But when they read the document, they found that they got the working place at a corner of the plaza, unless they did some thing to attract the customers to come their store, otherwise they wouldn’t make money with what they got.

Next day, Izark dressed black shirt and pants stood on the roof of a tall building; after he made sure he got attention of people around, he jumped down to the top of road lamp and stood only on his right foot. Then he jumped on the ground and ran to where Noriko and others were. Once Izark got there, Alfred started to explain and tried to sale the products. The plan worked, at the end of the day, they sold most of products of the store and people asked them who they were and if Izark was willing to work for them that kind of thing. Some people even followed Izark’s group to the Inn and tried to get more information about them, the Inn was noisy like crazy. Because of this, the Inn owner kicked them out.

Izark, Alfred, Noriko, Nina, Glorcia and Tolows tried to find other Inns to stay for the night, but all of the Inn owners were refused to accept them. When they were wondering around on the street, Glorcia and Noriko saw and sensed some dark shadows wondering around and some scary ghost sound was heard. The shadow started to gather around 2 people who rode on horses besides the carriage when they passed the Izark group. When Izark’s group thought they were going to sleep on the street, 2 people came up to them from a street corner. They told Izark’s group that their master invited Izark’s group to stay for the night at their master’s place. Since Izark’s group couldn’t find a place to stay, so they went.

Some where around the town on a street, a young man looked like a policeman walked toward to a old man. The young man told he would be on duty tomorrow and the old man told him the team was here when they walked pass by each other.

Another part on the street, 2 men was trying to pick up a woman, but they got beaten up, then the old man came and told him to stop. This person dressed and looked like a woman, actually was a man and he was the grandson of the old man.

Izark’s group were invited to a mansion while they were waiting for the host to show up; Tolows found 2 gimos were locked in a cage. 2 gimos looked scared when strangers near them and color of they body hair didn’t look good. Then the host showed up and saw Towlos were holding 2 gimos and thought Towlos was stealing his gimos and became angry. Izark grabbed the host to the front of the cage and saw his own gimos were still in the cage. He calm down and introduced himself. His name was Arcalara Sam Dralef, the owner of the mansion, also a man stood at the door is his younger brother; his name was Sarile. Sarile was the one who tried to make trouble for Noriko and Glorcia on the street earlier. Arcalara saw Izark’s skill and wanted him to make a show for his important guest tomorrow night. His younger brother heard that and became angry and said he refused to have anything to do with it when he walked out.

Arcalara had dinner with Izark’s group, during dinner, the host (Arcalara) told them that the guest who he would be having who transferring a prisoner. And the prisoner was the former high level official minister against the Clan of Ponia. Host Arcalara told them that the Minister Claygiata had theory that said “Waken” and “Ghost from Heaven” might not be the monsters which would destroy the world, but they might have the opposite meaning of it.

After dinner, back to their room, Glorcia suggested they should rescued the official minister because he was a good guy. Izark suggested they should get more information about this official minister. Then Izark suddenly ran to window and jumped out to chased a shadow which seem just stood outside of a window a moment ago. Izark catch up and held the person and the man told Izark that he was on Izark’s side because his group wanted to rescued the official minister - Claygiata, too. Then the old man showed up and asked what was going on. The old man told Izark, 2 guards name Shilda and Wooda Brumu were brothers and have some terrible rumors about themselves. They tried find a way to rescue the minister without facing the brothers. Because of this, they make the guards to stay in town for another day. The head of the transferring guards was an adjutant of general affair; his name was Helda, and he loved entertainments; he would take bait and stay for another day, and they need Izark’s help. The old man introduced himself as Tangia, his grandson (who loved dress as a woman) is Wei, the young maid of Arcalara’s mansion; her name was Kadarina. All of 3 were the “Gray Bird” Clan; they were asked by the other clan that was invaded by “Clan of Ponia” to rescue minister Claygiata, they also had a friend who was a policemen in this town. When Izark was back, Izark asked Alfred and Towlos and they made a plan about the show for tomorrow.

Some where around the host’s mansion, the host - Arcalara and his guest- Helda, were talking about the prisoner and decided the team would stay in town for another day. Outside in the hall, Shilda and Wooda heard that they were staying for another day and decided they needed to do something to entertain themselves, so they went out.

At night, a few men just finishing beating up of a man and were passing by, they saw a man stood in shadow and who was on their way, they decided to beat him up and then a huge dark monster showed up and stood behind the man, then everything went dark. In the morning, the police heard a scream and came to the scene, what they saw stunned them. Blood was everywhere, human body parts were torn everywhere.

At the moment, while the host - Arcalara was with his guest - Helda, Izark was making the preparation for the show. The show had 2 missions: 1 is to cover the 2nd chief of the squad - Rally Arlicowa who was a friend of the old man - Tangia. Rally would be on duty to guard the cell which locked Minister Glaygiata from morning to dawn. That day is the only chance that they could rescue Minister Claygiata. 2nd mission was to get 2 gimos from the host Arcalara. The pre-show was to get the host Arcalara’s agreement for gimos, once they got 2 other gimos, it was show time!

While Izark was doing the show, the other 2 “Gray Bird” Clan and the Chief Rally rescued the Minister Claygiata; once he was safe from the public, Chief Rally told him to change the clothes and they need to get him out of the town as quickly as possible.

Izark used his skill/magic with gimos to make Noriko and others to disappear in front of the Host Arcalara and Guest Helda. When the host Arcalara and the guest Helda found out that the prisoner was gone, they asked Brumu brothers for help. The older brother-Shilda had power to copy one’s skills. He sense there was a fortune teller near by who happen to be Darci. He copied her skill and found out where Minister Claygiata and his partners were going and went after them.

While Izark’s group were on a wagon heading out of the town, the 2 gimos suddenly got violent and started to fight each other. Nina saw Brumu brothers were riding on the short cut and trying to catch up with Minister Claygiata’s wagon and she told others what she saw. Izark decided to went ahead and helped the other group. Izark asked Towlos to protect Noriko and the “Fairy of the White Forest” to seal 2 groups. After that, he told Alfred to take care of everyone and ran to help the other group.

The 2 Brumu brother catched up Minister Claygiata’s wagon and the younger Brumu brother - Wooda became a huge dark monster. He ran and hit the wagon, the wagon flip over and the people inside of the wagon crawled out. When the monster was about to kill the old man Tangia, his grandson Wei and Rally, Izark kicked the monster’s head on it’s right side and it fell on the ground. Izark stood in the middle between the Brumu brothers and Minister Claygiata and his partners.

To be continued . . .

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