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Volume 12

Izark looked at the monster and wondered where it came from, he thought that the enemy were Brulu brothers, not this monter. The old man said that monster was the younger brother of Brulu. The men who fought Brulu brothers before Izark were torn apart at the end of fights, even their body bones were torn apart, too.

The Older brother of Brulu was surprised that Izark kicked out of his brother - Wooda, he was wondering who Izark really was. Wooda got madder and madder because he couldn’t defeat Izark, and went complete crazy, out of control. Izark saw this and thought about what Noriko said about “seed of devil”, then punch it out from Wooda’s body and Wooda disappeared.

The older brother of Brulu copied Izark’s ability when they weren’t paying attention to him and tried to defeat Izark by using Izark’s ability. But Izark’s power was too powerful for him and he couldn’t control it and exploded himself out at the end. Everyone was shocked to see this; everyone was thinking who Izark was and what he really was except Noriko. Then Noriko walked to Izark and almost fell by tripping over a tree root, but Izark held her up before she fell.

Everyone was talking about what really happened back there and Sir, Claygita told them: “Energy is energy, it can’t represent anyone. What color shows on the person’s appearance, needs to see inside of the true heart. In another words, ‘the heart’ favor which side will affect the color of the heart. Besides, the man was narrow minded, couldn’t take all the power, so he exploded himself. We all live in a visual sense world, but many things affected by negative power from other side. At the same time, the other world was also affected by our world. People’s hearts are the main points. If people used their hearts opened to the dark world; they would produce the dark waves, same as if hearts opened to the light, the light waves would be wide and big, then it would show everywhere. Just like oracles said, this world is going chaos, the dark power that people can sense is getting strong; we could fight it. This would change because we didn’t know where the light was. But the light does really exist, only open hearts to the light, send the power to this world, then, even the monster which is “Ghost from Heaven” could destroy the world can transfer to the “light.” Sir Claygita also said “light should be our basic survival root.” He thanked Izark for saving his life and shook Izark’s hand, after this, the tension was gone; everyone kept going on the journey. During the break, the whole group decided to go to “City of Desert” - Anamana. It was a city with a legend about light story, but it was destroyed and it became a desert and people diged holes and live in them.

In far away, Darcy send a message to Sir. Lachif said that she knew where Izark and Noriko were. Lachif told Case he would bring Izark and Noriko back, before then, kept practicing the fighting skills.

In a green field, Noriko, Izark, Mrs. Gida-Nina, and her daughter-Glorcia and their bodyguard - Alaf and Gima’s trainer - Towlos were practicing how to use gima to fly. Only Noriko still didn’t know how, Izark told Noriko to calm down and relaxed, took her time as she needed, tried to concentrate where she wanted to go. Noriko thought about that and looked Izark, told him not to move and walked away from Izark little distance. She concentrated by thinking to get to where Izark was, and it worked! Noriko told them if she thought that she was to be Izark’s side, she wouldn’t be afraid anymore and it worked!

In the City of Anamana, Caya, Saya, Gina, her father-Agolu, Balugo Sir Gida and his 2 sons were talking about what happened lately. The nation troops wanted to station the city, but the mayor refused to let troops to come in to the city, the city was control by nation, but Anamana was an autonomous region. The Mayor also said that the troops were too bully to the civilians, so, he refused to let troops in the city.

Gina also sensed the fairy of the Forest of White Mist some where, and she also sensed 6 people’s silhouette shadows that were getting clear, 4 of them Gina didn’t know, but other 2 were Izark and Noriko.

Lachif was holding Moon Crystals and discussing that how to capture Noriko and Izark with an old oracle. When they capture Noriko, they decided the first thing they would do is to kill Noriko!!!!! Kill Noriko was the key to make Izark wake the “Ghost” inside of Izark’s body, wipe out Izark’s senses and became the “Ghost from Heaven”. This time, Izark wouldn’t get away from “HIM”. Sir. Lachif decided to go to the West Continent, against his advisor’s wish, he went with his guards.

Izark and Noriko decided to used gimos to fly to Anamana city because of the little incident - Mrs. Gida - Nina was lost again and once Izark found out that all of them were wanted almost everywhere while he was looking for Mrs. Gida. People were trying to capture them when they recogined who Izark’s group were, so with fairy’s help, they were in their destination - “City of Desert” - Aanamana in an instant.

Izark and Noriko got warm welcome from their old friends - Caya, Saya, Gina, Balogo, and the Gida family was reunited., they thanked Izark for protecting their mother and sister. People around Anamana were very friendly to them. And later, Caya talked about the legend of the light, besides this, Caya also found the legend of the dark. There was a story about this man; no one knew how long he lived, he took 4 adjutants and using Moon Crystals to full up his desires, but someday he disappeared, the sanctuary with all city was covered and sealed under the volcano. The place where Izark fought Case in a castle before might be the sanctuary. . .

To be continued . . .

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